Women’s Health and coping with the symptoms of the menopause?


As women, we share a collective journey through the biological milestone of menopause. While a natural transition, hormonal changes in our bodies can wreak havoc with our physical and emotional wellbeing often over many years. It is important to rediscover balance and vitality during this transformation.

Common Challenges and Self-Support Strategies

Fluctuating oestrogen levels often trigger hot flashes, heart palpitations, low energy, low libido, bladder issues, sleep disruption, weight gain and mood instability. We can’t control onset, yet responsive lifestyle adjustments make thriving through menopause possible.

Stress less: Practice mind/body soothers like breathwork, nature immersion, and self-massage.

Rest completely: Prioritise regular, quality sleep through sleep hygiene rituals.

Eat intuitively: Nourish with antioxidant-rich, nutritionally balanced whole foods.

Move pleasurably: Engage muscles and calm minds with gentle stretching or walking.

Support emotional health: Seek communities to share experience; speak openly with partners.

Explore hormone management: Consult providers about replacement therapy benefits/risks if struggling.

While symptoms can feel unrelenting, take comfort that menopause heralds entering our wisest life chapter yet. Know you don’t have to endure quietly or alone. Book a consultation with Mr Sayasneh to discuss your menopause challenges – we are here to listen and empower your path with compassionate care.



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