Sculpting Your Best Body Contour: Our Top Options


As body positive culture continues to define beauty ideals, interest grows in accessible options to help you achieve your desired silhouette. Obviously, we all have different body types and shapes, and different challenges impact us as we age, including childbirth. Whilst proper nutrition and regular exercise are key to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body, even then can struggle with stubborn, hard to shift fat deposits. And extreme weight loss can create its own challenges of excess, sagging skin.

In this blog we have set out to explain what your options are for skin tightening, fat reduction, muscle building and body contouring, from traditional surgical procedures to the proliferation of non-surgical energy-based treatments now on offer

For significant, precise fat removal paired with comprehensive skin tightening and muscle repair, surgical procedures such as the abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ will deliver the most effective and enduring results, albeit at the expense of downtime and levels of discomfort.

The abdominoplasty expertly excises excess skin and repairs separated muscles to resculpt abdominal contours. Meanwhile, our signature liposuction removes stubborn fat deposits through small, hidden access points. Our skilled surgeons then deploy Renuvion’s helium plasma energy or BodyTite’s infrared heat to gently promote internal tissue coagulation and collagen rebuilding for firming and tightening effects from within. While substantial procedures involve 2-4 weeks recovery to support the profound improvements in contour, our patients find the renewed figures truly lasting when maintained through healthy lifestyles.

We also offer exciting energy-based treatments that visibly improve fatty areas, skin laxity and muscle tone without surgery’s risks or downtime. Treatments include Emsculpt NEO, which utilises focused electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency energy to painlessly trigger supramaximal muscle contractions that simultaneously strengthen abdominal muscles and eliminate fat cells in the area without surgery. Similarly, our Thermage FLX harnesses radiofrequency to smooth and tighten loose body zones.

The ultimate body contouring transformation is an innovative new procedure called Lipoabdominoplasty with fat transfer (the RAFT procedure) that has been pioneered in the UK at The Ghanem Clinic by Dr George Christopoulos. It combines surgery with liposuction, and fat transfer is then used to reinject fat removed from your body into your abdominal muscles to sculpt muscle definition that would normally only be achieved with lengthy gym sessions.

Come in for a consultation at The Ghanem Clinic and we will be happy to tell you more about these treatments, discuss your aesthetic goals and requirements and create a bespoke treatment plan that will give you the body contours you have always desired.



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