Lip procedures for truly kissable lips


Do thin ageing lips or excessive gingival show when smiling (known as a gummy smile) undermine your confidence? Have you been put off injectable lip fillers because you have seen too many trout pouts, or tried them but tired of having to go back every few months for top ups? Our scarless precision lip lift and our lip repositioning procedure will give you the permanently voluptuous lips you have always wanted and get you smiling in confidence.

Scarless Lip Lift Techniques for Permanent Plumpness

Our surgical lip lift techniques strategically elevate the vertical height of the upper lip, by artfully repositioning underlying muscular structure, our skilled surgeons permanently enhance definition and proportion for lusher, revitalised lips ready for your closeup without conspicuous scarring.

Lip Repositioning Creates Perfect Smile Lines

Similarly, our lip repositioning surgery can elegantly resolve a “gummy smile” caused by excessive upper gum exposure that creates uneven teeth lines. The procedure effectively limits gingival show by securing lip height in a beautiful new alignment to complement your smile design. With incisions made inside the mouth, no visible external scars result.

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