Aerolase for scarring

We can effectively reduce the appearance of scars using our Aerolase Era laser technology. There are  two different methods of treating scars. 

For the treatment of incisions post-suturing, to minimize raised scar formation, the Era is used to ablate along the incision line; this promotes evenness of skin healing and the heat from the laser energy stimulates the formation of new collagen, further improving the surface texture and uniformity. 

For the treatment of existing scars, the Era can be used to reduce the raised scar tissue and improve texture, while either the Neo or V650 is used to target pigment including red (vascularity) and brown (hyperpigmentation) to improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar.

Unlike fractional or long-pulsed lasers, the Era Elite’s gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration produces a clean ablation with no collateral damage to the dermis and as the laser energy is delivered in a pulse duration below or close to the thermal relaxation time of human skin tissue,  overheating of epidermal melanin and the associated potential for pain and side effects is avoided. This means a safe and virtually pain-free experience (no topical anaesthetic or nerve block is needed), there is no bleeding, minimal downtime and recovery is quicker than with CO2 lasers.

Treatment plans depend on the nature of the scarring and this will be discussed at your consultation.

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