Rigenera for the treatment of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease, characterised by skin depigmentation due to the lack of melanocytes. Thermal patches are usually located on hands and face which can cause embarrassment and loss of self-confidence. Vitligo is linked to genetic and/or immunity defects, and needs the intervention of a specialised dermatologist. It can be diagnosed during its active phase and it can remain stable for many years, without growing or expanding.

How Rigenera™ works

RIGENERA™ is an innovative micrografting treatment that has been proven to be effective for improving repigmentation of depigmented patches. It is a minimally invasive autologous and homologous regenerative treatment where the patient is both donor and acceptor.

It involves obtaining small fragments of tissue harvested using a dermal punch, and then mechanically disaggregated with the Rigeneracons medical device. The processed tissue can be then used as micrografts containing a unique combination of stem cells precursors, growth factors and progenitor cells which are injected into the affected skin in order to promote regenerative processes

The entire procedure occurs in one session that lasts for approximately 30 minutes. 

After using Rigenera, scientific applications showed a good association with UV lamp photostimulation.

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